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Ryan Smith is serious about barbecue.

He grew up catching and smoking wild Salmon in Alaska, but it took moving to Austin to realize the magic of smoked meat. He studied the masters of barbecue and graduated from the Texas Culinary Academy. He's a barbecue fanatic and bonafide chef with uncompromising standards of quality. His sights are set on becoming the undisputed king of barbecue on the Front Range. 

Word escaped the block parties in Arvada where he made his Colorado barbecue debut in 2014. Pepperbelly became official, and is developing a following as serious its founder.

Ryan is chopping wood while you’re sleeping, cooking 18 hours a day and hauling his 16-foot custom built smoker all over barbecue-starved Colorado. He’s looking to find a nice little place to park that smoker for a while. If you know one, let him know. You could become the most popular person in your community.